Hedgerow Stories

My sister and I have gone into partnership and are opening a shop!

My sister is a very talented florist with a stylish eye and excellent at colour matching. We plan to sell her floral creations alongside home and giftware, stationery and art.  The aim is to make it a desitination shop which offers something that you cannot easily find in the Midlands.

Returning to my homeland (Birmingham) we have found a perfect unit to start our journey, not too expensive and in an area with quite good footfall.  After signing the lease we began, we have fantastic stockists from around the world (and down the road), we decorated the interiors, commissioning high end shop fittings, plumbing, new floor and also figuring out all those other things that you never consider.

Unfortunately we discovered that the 'fixed and historic' damp were not as promised.  A 'roofer' was organised and after applying a covering to the tiles the problem only worsened. Following much documentation of driping & dampness and exasperated calls and emails to the problematic letting agent, 8 weeks later we are still yet to progress.  The landlords have finally agreed to replace the roof so fingers crossed we can open this month.  Having missed the Christmas sales and maybe even Valentines too has been devistating, but despite being hobbled before we even started we still feel we can make this a success.  Stay tuned!